April 4, 2020

Lendoiro: “You could see Cristiano Ronaldo was a spectacular player”

The former Deportivo president explains why he failed to sign the Portuguese rising star in 2002-03.

Previous leader of Deportivo talked on the Spanish TV program Ídolos, and examined his endeavor to sign Cristiano Ronaldo as a 18-year-old when the rising star was playing for Sporting Lisbon.
“Beci (Eduardo López Beci), the sporting director at Deportivo at that time, saw Cristiano Ronaldo play, and told us about him. Then we saw some of his videos when he was 17 or 18 and we asked how much he would cost. They asked us for 11 or 12 million euros and that was the end of the party for us, as we couldn’t pay that amount”.

Manchester United moved for Cristiano Ronaldo 

Lendoiro conceded that the most paid for any player by Depor around then was the six million euros paid for Rivaldo. “Cristiano was a chap and we didn’t have a clue what he’d proceed to do, in spite of the fact that you could as of now observe he was stupendous, however Manchester United came in, paid the 12 million euros and got him”. 

Ronaldo: “A standout amongst the most energizing youthful players” 

Various clubs took a gander at Cristiano Ronaldo before Alex Ferguson, who portrayed him as “a standout amongst the most energizing youthful players” he’d at any point seen, chose he needed to have him. Through the span of the 2002-2003 season Ronaldo’s operators addressed Liverpool and Barcelona about a conceivable move, and he likewise broadly met Arsène Wenger at Arsenal’s grounds to talk about an exchange. A move which never fell off and which the previous Arsenal supervisor portrays as his most prominent exchange lament.

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